Sunday, May 17, 2015

Work, Teach, Play...LOVE!

May 14th - The day that I learned ALOT about having to be a Mommy and a TEACHER in the same day!

All 3 of my little learners came to this curriculum class + 10 other kiddos, plus their MOMS =
a day that goes down in history!

Was it easy - NOPE!  Would I do it again...YEP! (call me crazy!)

Because THAT day I learned alot...

That day - I learned that my kids are readers!  And they love to share that passion with others...wonder where they get it?

I learned that it's awesome to stand back and see how kids learn differently!  And how cool it is to see their mothers teach them something differently than I would!  I learn so much from these moms that attend!  

I learned that kids are "all about the process and not the product" (Kathy H Lee quote!) and it's so true!  This sweet gal used paint as glue for her colored noodles.  
I learned that even girls were all about REAL worms!  And boys too!

I learned that today this proverb stood very true!  "It takes a village to raise a child."
Thanks for the Mom that offered to change MiniM's dirty diaper during the class!

Thanks to the Moms that overlooked the verbal punishment on my 4 year old when he was having a hard time following my directions.

Thanks to the Moms that said "I learned alot from you bringing all your kids today.  It was a real moment that I appreciated!"

Thanks to the Mom who emailed me that her son took a nap with his worm that he had gotten at the class.

And last...
Thank you God for my 3 little learners that are my driving force behind Mommys Little Learners.

Thank you God for days when you stretch and strengthen my teaching abilities and mothering skills.

Thank you God for this day, full of grace and full of love, full of laughter and learning!

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