Friday, July 17, 2015

Photo Blog - Wheeler Workshops - Day 1

It was such an honor and true blessing to get to "go home" and teach a workshop!  

Wanted to share a quick photo blog with how it all went Wheeler, Texas.  

Here's the set-up!

Picture instructions, materials ready to go and tables down LOW!  I wanted to see how it would work with no chairs and no legs on tables.
Why a chair, when you have your Mom's Lap! 

Cutest and BEST helper!  Love this boy.

And if it wasn't for these 2 "kiddos", I don't know what I would have done!  Kristen has a heart of gold and a gracious hand (and this time a cute lil baby bump)  I enjoyed every second of our time together!  Thanks for your hard work, Momma!  And then there's my Jackson - this boy LOVES getting to be my assistant.  He has such a heart to help others...and that will take him many great places in life!

Once registered, kids enjoyed some Homemade Bubble and straws taped together to make the perfect bubble wand...

Group Learning Lesson - Rain Storm in a Cup

 From ages 10 to age 2 - I saw lots of smiles on kids faces (including my own kiddo)

Next off - Station Rotation - let's get MESSY! 

Every table used either Shaving Cream AND/OR Dish Soap!

Team Clean before Door Prizes!

Door Prizes with a drum rollllllll!

And THIS picture right here confirms that today was a FUN Day!

Glow paint - Florescent paint, shaving cream and a black light1

Wanna end this one with a HIGH-FIVE to the Mommy's of Wheeler Texas!  You guys didn't even hesitate with the idea of getting mess WITH your kids.  The smiles and laughter filled the room and I hope that you enjoyed this experience as much as I did.

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