Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Photo Blog - Wheeler Workshop cont. Day 2 - Fun with Food!

Day 2 at the Wheeler Texas was so Yummy and so-much-fun!  
Our theme was "Fun with Food" and the workshop started out with a demo from our friends at Raddish Kids.  

Delicious recipe making homemade Hummus on Cucumber Boats.  And everyone got to try a sample!

 Time for Station Rotation!

ChickaChicka Boom Boom trees!
Fossil Food was a favorite!  But look at THOSE ingredients

Everyone got a cooking apron  compliments of my Dad at Ware Chevrolet!
Busy kiddos with their Moms
Salsa Station sponsored by Raddish

Another Cute Cook!

Yummy take-out trays FULL of yummy creations!

Recipe readers!

After tummies were full - it was time for door prizes!
And this lucky lady went home with our gift bag FULL of recipes and such from our friends from Raddish Kids.

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