Monday, August 24, 2015

Meet THIS Momma - Homeschooler of 3 boys!

About 1 year ago, I had received a message on my FB from a mom of 3 boys that lived in Ft. Worth.  A friend I had grown up with had connected us.

I enjoyed watching her journey on FB and I knew she had something special when I saw her post pics of her Homeschooling Room this year.

So I was so happy that she was willing to share pictures of her space.  This was a special room in her home where SHE would teach, laugh, learn and love over the next few years.  "Kayla, you can clearly see the hard work and pure love that you poured into this room"

...and I wanted YOU all to see it.  

Isn't this a COOL idea!?  I love my pocket chart calendar but LOVED seeing a new twist to how she used a tri-fold board to display her morning calendar.  It's practical and cute - AND it's PORTABLE!  You can fold this sucker up and take it outside, to the park, on a trip to the library...the possibilities are endless.  High-five for such an awesome idea!

You might have remembered me posting the picture above on my FB page...the picture of the 3 desks!  That 1 picture post got over 300 views!!!  Turning old desks into a practical and fun use!  **She used chalkboard paint for the tops!  And each boy got to pick out their color**


Every good homeschooling room needs a GREAT book shelf!  This one is so organized and user-friendly which is what makes this a great piece!  And I LOVE how this momma displays her monthly theme (Ocean here) on the top shelf!  

  And can't forget to mention this cute canvas above the shelf.  Such a great reminder!

Each kiddo has their own board to display their awesome work!  And I might have to steal this idea...we might have the perfect place in our home for 3 of these.  Can't wait to see how full they look in a month! 

...And then there's the drum set!  This honestly scares me, but she seems to be just fine with it.  What "BoyMom" wouldn't be ok with a drum set in their learning room!  High-five!

Here's a few more pics of how organized this mom is!  (just my style!)  Board games down low for her littlest learner to grab and go!

Here's their workbox system...labels ready to go!  Loving the world globe on top!  On the bottom left, you'll see her thematic sensory bin!  So cute....and here's a peek inside.
I don't know about YOU, but I wouldn't mind learning all day long in this space!  Sweet, organized and practical!  She diffidently has the teacher's touch and it's hard to believe that before she was a homeschooler, she was a pharmacy tech!   Thanks for sharing your ideas and passion, Ms. Kayla. 

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