Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Homeschooling Vacation - Part 1 - The Planning

We had been planning a trip to Colorado for a long while now.  And it was going to be a "trial and error" type vacation to see if we could REALLY do some schooling while vacation.

Well, we'd have to say that "YES!" it is possible and so easy to do.  

You can totally do it too!  

Here's what I kept in mind and hope it inspires you:

#1  I made sure that I was well planned, but not OVER planned. 

I don't use any type of specific curriculums, so I pull my ideas from different resources.  

This is our LapBook that I purchased on Teachers Pay Teachers.
We pre-made this before our trip to use as a resource.
This is a GREAT kit that I pre-ordered!  It came with some amazing rock samples, field guides and even a DVD.

I created a list of ideas that I later put into a spreadsheet form.  I used Google Drive/Spreadsheet to compile all my ideas and resources. I made sure to copy webpage links into the cells so I could just click and refer to later (the blue font)

#2  I kept my learning foci simple and easy to accomplish!  While I was planning, I kept these 3 goals in mind.  My husband and I felt like these goals could be successfully accomplished.

Goal #1: They will be able to determine the difference between the 3 types of rocks. 
(Sedimentary, Metamorphic and Igneous)
Goal #2: They will be exposed to different types of map examples and will use those resources to create their own map of the area.
Goal #3: Enjoy and embrace any other learning opportunities that come along aka "Teachable Moments"

#3 Still make it a vacation!

I needed to make sure that we didn't get overwhelmed.  We were on vacation and needed to enjoy life as a family.  So I made sure that we didn't do formal learning EVERYDAY!  Keep in mind that I had my plans ready and my dates all set - but we didn't stick to that.   And you'll find out in Part 2 , the lessons/ideas that we didn't get to.  I wanted my teachings to come naturally!  Each lesson usually happened after a long morning of playing, hiking, fishing and relaxing on at the cabin.  Sounds perfect, huh?  

Be sure and come back soon for Part 2 and Part 3 of this Blog Series - 

A Homeschooling Vacation - Part 2 - The Teaching

A Homeschooling Vacation - Part 3 - The Reflection

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