Thursday, August 13, 2015

Natural Born...Readers

HELLO!  Quick post, just in case you've missed hearing from me.

I get the question ALL the time..."How did you teach your kids to read?"  And my answer always is...they learned how to LOVE reading in my lap.

Isn't this quote so true?!  I don't have a lot of memories, as a child, of being read to.  And in all honesty, I didn't fall in love with reading until I was the responsibly party at the young age of 23 teaching reading to 27 first graders!  YICKS!

But I fell in love with the idea of making readers when my children were born.  

I don't know everything about teaching kids to read...but I can share a few tips to help you!

I don't even think J was 2 months old in this picture...but we were snuggled up...reading!

Start them early!

And here's Mini-M about 1 day old and we already included him into routine of reading.

Include them...all of them!

PUT BOOK EVERYWHERE!  And that means everywhere!!!!

Take lists to the grocery store or use maps to give them a sense of REAL literacy!

YOU don't always have to be the reading star in the house - Use books on CD in the car and at home!

Make trips to the library - frequently!  (Keep a separate basket for library books save your sanity and $library fines$)

Invite special people to read special books.  

So, I guess my point is...if you want "good readers" then just read!  Snuggle up, for 15 minutes (or more) and enjoy a good book.  Read out loud AND think out loud!  Let your kids be apart of the story and apart of your thinking.

"Well, I wonder what I'd do if I was this character?"
"I really would be scared if this had happen to me...what do you think?"

Let them know that reading is FUN, it's a way into a new world and it's something that you do everyday, just about everywhere with everyone.  And make reading apart of your routine and your life. 

Now go grab your kiddos and a good book!

Happy Reading with your lil ones!

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