Monday, October 26, 2015

Picture Blog - StemEd Class

I was honored to get the opportunity to work with StemEd Labs this month.  They are a wonderful organization that is having an amazing impact on our children's education.  Be sure and check them out!

Tis the season for ... slime, pumpkins and Halloween fun, right?  So that's the inspiration behind the Sensory Science Blood and GOO!

And here's a quick picture blog for you to see how much fun we had!

Part 1 - Sensory Science - BLOOD!  

Mixing the platelets (red foam) and White Blood Cells (pingpong ball) in with our Red Blood Cells (red water beads)

J got to join the class!

Sensory FUN and Learning all in ONE!
This learner even added some "germs" (strips of paper)

She was SO proud and super, excited to get to take home her creation! 

This amazing idea came from:Jenae over at I Can Teach My Child

Part 2 - Pumpkin Pulp Goo!

What happens with you add a Tablespoon of cornstarch and a Tablespoon of water into your dissected pumpkin pulp? 
These kids will tell ya...
We used a KWL chart to launch our learning.

After we got messy, we came in and wrote "what we had learned"

An Example of beautiful learning

Learning confirmed!
What a FUN way to learn and play.  And I am so blessed to get to teach others with my own kiddo by my side!  So happy that J could join this class.

Wanted to give a HUGE shout out to our friends at HEB for donating the pumpkins for our learning.
HEB Round Rock

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