Friday, October 23, 2015

The Burrito Brothers - How it all began

I needed 30+ Breakfast Burritos STAT on the day of Mason's 2nd birthday party.  I had pre-cooked all the ingredients.  And all I needed was some help!

So I called in the troops on the HOT July day!  

"You are the "egg master", You are the "Sausage slinger" and I'll sprinkle cheese and fold."  Ready!?!

And THAT IS HOW "The Burrito Brothers" ALL BEGAN!

I had found out about the Acton Business fair from our homeschooling group.

I knew that my young entrepreneur would find it interesting after our Kid's ONLY Garage Sale!  Jackson thrived off of this experience, so I knew the business fair would be the perfect extension!

After WEEKS of going back and forth with ideas, we came up with "The Burrito Brothers".  My husband had mentioned the idea for the breakfast burritos and it seemed very realistic for a 6 year old and a 4 year old to successfully pull-off!

So we submitted our application based off this brainstorming session (see picture below)  And we waited...

We got an acceptance email in September.  And that's when the planning began!

Check in soon for my next post ... The Burrito Brothers - The Big Plan 
I never thought this business idea would have so many learning opportunities attached!

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