Monday, November 9, 2015

The Burrito Brothers - The BIG Business Plan!

On October 31, 2015, my young business boys suited up and sold 60 breakfast burritos in record time!  

All the prep work had been done about a month before and it blew me away how this one experience taught our whole family!

And if you miss the post on how this all came about - check it out here:
How it ALL Began!

Let me start from the beginning of our successful business plan....

We knew we needed a logo for this business and he wanted to make it unique!  So we called up a sweet 10 year old friend that has some mad-skills in Art and he created this...
It's it awesome!  We even decided to take the logo one step further and ordered t-shirts!  

If we were going to make and sell breakfast tacos, then we needed to know what "good" tasted like and how much they were going for. We knew that the price of eggs had gone up.  Something that we learned when we visited Ken's Tacos for a fun & tasty field trip.

Our tasty test at Ken's Tacos.  
We also stopped by El Faro for some breakfast tacos.

We made sure to study and notice where their menus were located and few other fine details.

We made a budget with brought out a SERIOUS MATH LESSON!  And created a "time line" to keep our business plan on track.

Back to the "price of eggs on the rise"... we wanted to invite a 5 year old friend that has backyard fresh eggs to partner up with us.  This would help with the cost of our eggs AND make them super tasty!  So our sweet friend donated 3 dozen eggs AND created her own logo to advertise with at the business fair.  

 Throughout the month of October, J learned how to use Google Drawings to create his own menus.

I incorporated making change into our monthly math focus.  One morning, we even had Jackson set up a Dollar Store.  MiniM and N were customers.  Perfect learning in every way - Imaginative Play for all while learning how to give correct change back to costumers.

Next up, was a Taste Test at Toybrary Austin!  This was GREAT practice for J to use his business-man words to sell his samples.  That kiddo brought home $11 in tips from his tip jar.  We couldn't believe it!!!  J and N decided to split that money.

October 30 had arrived.  That meant one thing (on that VERY rainy day!)...LET'S MAKE SOME BREAKFAST BURRITOS, BOYS!
And everyone needed to help!

It took a good 3 hours to make them all!  But the next day, October 31st, we found out all that time and effort was worth it!

Stay tuned for the next post, The Burrito Brothers - The Successful Business Fair


  1. That is awesome! I love that.

    1. If you ever get to opportunity to do this with your children - DO IT! We covered so much and had fun doing it. Happy Learning!

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