Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Peek inside our Week

I hope you have had a great week!  Ours has been exciting, fast and blessed.

Here's a quick peek inside our Homeschooling week.


I got the awesome opportunity to speak on behalf of the homeschooling community in Austin Texas.


After our morning calendar and quick must-dos, we met up with some other kiddos and went hiking!  It was beautiful that morning. 


This is a out-and-about learning day.  Here's our co-op group using problem solving strategies combined with team building to "to get across the swamp to the island".

That afternoon, I drop off J's at his Saints PE class.  Snooze and snuggle with the lil guys while J is at class...then do a quick 1:45pm Tuesday Scope using the Perscope App.

Here is my REPLAY link

Afterwards, we ALL head to the skate park before dinner.  Those boys sleep SOOOO good on Tuesday nights!


Days at home are my favorite!  We started our Shark Unit Study and this was a great morning for measuring shark lengths out on the side walks. 

That night, we drove dinner to a mom/wife of a Veteran.  We ate, played and enjoyed each others company.  Even made cookies for desert!


Things were off to a rough start!  We had stayed up LATE and woke up early.  But after a few cups of coffee and some backyard play time, we were all set up for a successful morning of learning.

We added to our Shark lapbooks.  

Learned how to use tracing paper...
 Painted a shark...

Then snuggled in bed to read books! (Daddy was out of town!)


Tomorrow, we are taking our learning to the park with other Homeschoolers.  Just a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather, meet new friends and learn somewhere fun!

I'll be sure and post a few pictures from this great event!

Happy Learning with your Little Ones!

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