Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Word Wall - but not on a wall?

In elementary classrooms, you'll find a GIANT word wall that students can use during reading and writing time.  And it's just want it says... a WALL covered in WORDS.  These are usually basic sight words that kiddos need to reference because they are tricky to sound out or spell.  

(For a great list of basic sight words...check out this resource from Lakeshore Learning)

Back in the day, when I was still in "teacher mode" rather than "homeschooling mom mode' (yes! there is a difference)...I had a word wall in our Learning Room.  It was beautiful and BIG!

We had only hung names of our family members (with pictures) at this point.  J was only 4 and wasn't reading.
This wall had its benefits - like exposure to the alphabet, visual formations of letters and a reference for kids when we were discussing words and family members.  

Now, we are in a different house and kids are older!  My schooling style has changed and I honestly don't feel that we need one wall devoted to just words. (plus my husband might kill me!)  So this is how I helped with the adjustment.  And maybe some day, when I have a space designated for just "schooling", I might devote that one, lovely blank wall to just words.  But for now, we learn EVERYWHERE and this "wall" can move with us.

Personal and Portable Word Walls

This sweet, little thing can go ANYWHERE!  We keep it in the Writing Area or hanging up by our computer.  J uses it ALL-THE-TIME!  I have taken words that he can read and writing them in this book using a fine-tip sharpie.  As he learns more words, we add them.  **Remember, this is a resource that is for words that can't be phonically sounded out.  Refer to that link above for examples**

Below, he is using it to write a letter to our elderly neighbor.  

J also uses it when he types emails to friends and family.  So I have a hook that he can use to hang it up on above the computer.  This really eliminates the "MOM!  How do you spell...."  which can get frustrating with you are playing and teaching other kids in the house.  

My sweet friend saw our portable word wall and created her own that is MUCH cuter.  So feel free to download that here, print it off and get started!
 Portable Word Wall Printable Freebie

If you take your colorful copies into a office supply store, they will laminate and bind it for you at a good price!

Happy Learning with your Little Ones.


  1. Oh I just love this..we have a word wall right now and probably will for a couple of years. However I can see my oldest ready to move on to her own personal word list. Thank you for sharing.


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