Thursday, December 17, 2015

Why we went to having a Screen-free WEEK!

Our September vacation to Colorado impacted our lives in so many way!  And if you need to revisit my posts about that experience - there are the links:

This amazing cabin holds an awesome secret that we discovered will change the way we set up our tech-time at home.  
Get this...THERE'S NO INTERNET SERVICE!  Yes, you can hike up a small hill about the cabin, if you need to make a call.  But you can't just turn on a tablet or flip up your laptop just to check your email or play a quick game of Minecraft.

Not having THIS luxury for 2 weeks really changed our lives. 

We connect more, talked often...we found ourselves NOT needing anything... but each other!

But THIS was the biggest discovery!  We watched our kids imagination come to life - NO internet needed!

These were the ONLY toys the boys had all week!  It's amazing how they made up games, created stories and interacted with just one, small basket.

So my husband and I decided that this needed to carry over into our daily life back at home.  We decided to make "tablet time" more of a privilege than part of our routine.

And this is how we did it...

We have this assignment board that tells the boys what they are expected to do for learning that day.  And each assignment is worth a number of points that is undetermined until AFTER it's completed or taught.  

I base their points on attitude towards the assignment, focus during the process and their finished product. 
Make sense?

After dinner, the boys are responsible to add up their points and document them...on this:

Click here and download your FREE printable!

On Friday evening, they total up their weekly points to see how much screen time they will get to use over the weekend.  Some weekly totals have been small and they know exactly why!  Some weekly totals have been BIG and we celebrate that with high fives and tablet time! 

Do you remember waking up on Saturday morning, pouring a GIANT bowl of Lucky Charms and watching these until your parents stumbled out of bed!?

Well, our learning point system seems to be working the same way!  Our kids wake up early and are SUPER excited to have the PRIVILEGE to use their well-earned tablet time.  

My husband and I get a chance to wake up slowly and enjoy some Saturday morning quiet time while the kids enjoy theirs.  

All inspired by a simple vacation that forced us to UNPLUG!  And we sure have enjoyed getting back to the simple life.  No more asking if they can play IPad!  No more arguments about when and who gets to play.  It's all posted here for ALL to see...

Is this a system that you could see working in your home?  If so, I'd love to hear about it.  Feel free to leave comments or questions below!

Happy Learning with your little ones.

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