Monday, October 15, 2012

Apple-loving fun!

It's that time of the year that I LOVE!  Apples, Pumpkins and cooler weather.  We have been learning about apples for that past 2 weeks.  Here's a few things I did with my little learners:

Family Apple Tasting
Daddy explaining the 3 different kids of apples we will be taste testing - green, red, and yellow

Nixon tasting his apples

Jackson liked yellow best so he colored his apple picture yellow.

Nixon liked the red apple best.  We held out each colored marker and asked him to pick the color of apple he liked best.  Who knows if this is the one he liked...the most important part is that he was involved.  
I sent out a text to family members and they sent pictures (via text) of them eating their favorite colored apples.  We took that "data" and we are in the process of making a graph out of it.
Apple Stamping

This simple art activity ended up being lots of fun for the boys!  We cut an apple in half, observed the inside, counted the seeds, then stamped it in some red and green paint.
I love this picture! You can clearly see Nixon copying what Jackson is doing!

I started with 2 pieces of paper and ended with tearing off a LONG piece.  They kept stamping and stamping and stamping!

Painting fun!

Loved it!
Ten Apples Up on Top
After we read Dr. Seuss' book Ten Apples Up on Top (one of my favs), we stacked apples on top of our self-portraits.  Then we played an addition game using a dice, our "apples" (yellow and red foam squares) and our addition sentence strip.  Easy and simple...roll a number, stack the apples, roll again, stack the apples, write addition sentence, then find the sum.

 Apple Tree Fun with Food Recipe
Pictures explain the steps and show the fun that we had doing this!

Hope this gives you a few fun ideas to do with your little learners!
Happy Fall Yall!  And happy learning with your little ones!

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