Friday, October 19, 2012

Hop to it kind of learning...

The simple game of Hop Scotch turned into an amazing teachable moment one day and a precious memory made with Jackson.  We have played this before a few times, but this day it was different.  The game finally made sense to him and his BIG boy self.

It was a very much "On-the-Go" lesson.  He wanted to play the game and I secretly turned it into a teaching/learning opportunity.

I was so excited to see all that we had covered in this simple 10 minute Mommy and Me moment: fine and gross motor skills, handwriting, numerical order, following directions and LOTS of FUN!

Check out our pictures:

Tracing the construction cone = fine motor skill
Writing numbers inside each square = fine motor, numerical order and following directions

Finished product - I "modeled" for him #1-5, but he finished #6-10

Jackson showing Nixon his awesome work

Trying it out! Hop Scotch'n = gross motor and FUN!

Happy Hopping with your Little Learners!

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