Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quick snack! Mommy Must DO!

Here's a Mommy~Must~Do

My boys LOVE snack mix and I HATE those almost empty bags of chips and such!  So here's what we do...especially when I need extra room in my pantry after my Sams' trips:0)

And of course ...the picture is upside down!  Sorry!
The boys usually help me make this!  A BIG mixing bowl, a few measuring cups and 2 mixing spoons turns into alot of fun while learning alittle too!  I dump into their measuring cups and they then dump into the big mixing bowl.  Once all our ingredients are in, the mix and mix and then...EAT!

We usually throw in a small amount of candy just for some sweet fun!

DA TA! A bag of deliciousness ready to go for the kids!  And a happy mommy with a less-cluttered pantry!

Happy Learning (and munching) with your Little Learners!

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