Monday, October 29, 2012

My BOO! Blog

Happy Halloween!  To celebrate, we wanted to share a few
 Boo-tastic activities that we are doing around here.

Here's our Sensory Box. 

Here's our poem for the week!  Lots of giggles when we put this together and read it out loud!

Studied Pumpkins today!  

Wrote down descriptive words (chart paper on easel)

Closer look at our chart!
I bought these Treat Bags about 2 years ago, knowing I could eventually use them!  
After laminating them (of course), I decided they were going to have so many uses over the next 2 weeks.  Today, we did a pattern activity...
 And tomorrow I am using them as sound cards for a Segmenting Sound lesson.  
Gonna write 1 letter/sound on each card.  For example: /c/, /a/. /t/ 
Jackson will push up each card as he says the sound then say the word.

I am also planning a addition candy lesson for next week 
(after we get 400 pounds of candy from Trick or Treating)

So grab some of these next time you are in Walgreens, Dollar General or Walmart!  You can use them for learning or treat giving! 

And here we are in action! 

Happy Learning with your Little Ones!  And have a safe Halloween!

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