Monday, May 12, 2014

Grocery Shopping Day! Let's make a list

People think that I have lost my mind (and give me THAT LOOK) when I walk through the doors at our local grocery store.

Yep...I have 3 kids!
Yep...they are all boys!
Yep...they are all under the age of 5!

And I say "YEP!  I shop with all 3!"

We were out of town this weekend, so that puts me behind on planning and doing.  I did have time to create a menu and make our grocery list on the ride home.  But, curriculum wasn't ready to go, laundry needed to be done, and we were worn out!

Ahhhhhh...the joy of homeschooling!  So we slept in, did some laundry and did a little bit of learning.

We used "writing a list" as our lesson for the day.

"Do I need a finger space in between my words?" Jackson asked.

I assumed he knew about lists.  He has word list, check list and chore lists...but we never talked about LISTS!  And I LOVE A GOOD LIST!

So, this opened the conversation about what a list is and what it looks like.  Why should you make a list?

Jackson used his Mario Game, the empty Milk jug and label from the egg carton to help him write his list.  

Sorry, this picture is upside down!  But this is Nixon completing his list.  He chose 3 things, because he is 3 years old.  Notice he is just writing the beginning letter/sound for Lettuce, Lunch-able and Yogurt.  Writing each word would frustrate the both of us!  I wrote the letter on the white board for him to copy.

Jackson's 5 items + Mario Gummies that he used his chore money to buy.  (Milk, Eggs, Celery, Apples, Tortillas (I spelled, he wrote) and Mario Gummies)

The boys carried their list around the store and found their items.  I even allowed Jackson to push a mini-cart around.  Something so simple, so fun to help N & J  hold an important purpose and teaches them a great life skill!  I challenge you to try it next time with your Little Learner.  And if you already do this, share your ideas!  I love learning from others:o)

Happy Learning with your Little Ones!

**Quick note!  If you have a non-writer...have them use pictures from th weekly store flyers to cut and paste a list.**

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