Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What's behind door #3? Planning closet and printable forms!

It's nothing fancy.  It's cluttered in some ways, but organized in others.  Here's a peek inside my Homeschooling Closet.  

This is actually one of the 3 closets inside our Master bedroom.  So lucky!   

This is a monthly white board that I bought at Sams Club and I am so glad that I did!!!  

Here's my monthly plan.  Thank goodness for wipe boards, because this is adjusted weekly.  I usually set it up at the first of the month, then alter it as the month goes.  Jeremy and I set monthly goals for the kiddos instruction.  I document those goals in a journal that I refer to when I plan.

This is my curriculum file cabinet drawer.  Yes, it's color coded!  I used to have these files in plastic filing bins, but found that just wasn't convenient for me.  

Here are some great planning tools that I was given by a leader (Thanks Jenny!) in our GROW Homeschooling group.
This helps you document what you've taught that year (or could be used to plan for the year ahead) 

You can download the PDF file for planning tools below.  

I am in the process of creating a Family notebook to organize our Homeschooling notes, To-Do list and such.  With J starting "kindergarten" in August, I will need to get alittle more serious about planning and keeping notes of what we've learned.  

Here is a great website (Thanks again, Jenny!) for planning sheets.  This Mama has a planning sheet for EVERYTHING!

Happy Planning & Happy Learning:0)

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