Wednesday, May 7, 2014

'What DO Yall Do all Day?" - Afternoon Sneak Peek

I hope you enjoyed seeing how this crazy-fun mess is run during the mornings.  If you missed our Morning Routine Sneak Peek (May 1st post), check it out!  I thought it would be helpful to break up our day into 2 different post.  Some of your kiddos might go to 1/2 day preschool, so it would be more helpful for you to see it this way.

12:30 - N Read and Rest (I read a book with N and tuck him in while J plays with MiniM in the living room)  N naps in Mommy&Daddy's helps to separate the boys to cut down on silliness.

1:00 - J Read and Rest - MiniM usually joins us for a quick read or plays **I set a timer and Jackson has to lay quietly until it rings!  If it's "one of those days", I turn that timer for a full 60 minutes.  It's all in my control!**  J rests in his room.  And some days, he does fall asleep.  He plays so hard and really needs it!

1:00-2:00 -  Quiet house - Mommy and MiniM time!  He goes wherever I go! Need to kitchen work?  He plays with magnets on the fridge or takes a "sink bath" for some sensory play.  Need to fold laundry?  He sits in the basket while I fold or plays in the room that I am folding in.  Yes, I talk to him!  It's the only time of the day it's just us and I eat it up!

MiniM playing with AWESOME magnetic gears from Lakeshore Learning!  
Our Learning Room is in the kitchen.  MiniM is exploring with plastic pegs (from Lakeshore Learning) and a
metal tin = FUN and NOISY! 

2:00 - MiniM goes down for nap; J gets up.  Still a "Quiet House" and J makes choice off the list pictured below.  J and I finish up his Learning Check List (later blog post) before everyone is awake!  If his school work and my Mommy work is all done, we play...just us! And we love it.  

2:30 - N wakes up; Tablet time for N and Wii time for J; Mommy time for shower, snack prep, quick clean up.

3:00 - J&N complete afternoon chores and Mommy starts dinner prep - since I cook most meals on Sunday, this usually involves getting it in the oven to warm or making salad & such.

3:30 - MiniM wakes up; we all go outside for snack and play

4:45 - Inside play or back yard play

5:00 - Daddy's home!!!

5:15 - Let's Eat, Pete!  Dinner is ready...time for some "Table Talk!"

6:00 - Dinner clean up/$$Earn Chores$$/ Family walk or bike ride

6:15 - J&N Math with Daddy 

6:30 - Play

7:00 - Baths; MiniM to bed

7:30 - BlessingsBooks and Bedtime

7:30 - 10:00 - SILENCE!!!

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