Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Moon Men

Today was a day I will always was one of those "good ole days!"  

It was fun, full of learning and excitement and oh-so memorable.

We started with a "Get It Done" Goal list.  

Why the list?  A few reasons:
*We needed this!  I feel like we have had so many things planned lately and haven't been getting them done...THAT has been driving me crazy!

*Gave me a chance to revisit "List making" using interactive writing -
 (see May 12th post)

*Open discussion about goals and why we do them and celebrate them.

Now, on with our great day!  
J had a Science Workbox to complete (and we have been putting this off for days).  It was using flour and play dough to recreate Astroids making Craters on the surface of the moon.  

The pictures speak for themselves:
Up-side down picture!  SORRY!  J created these different sized "asteroids"

Adding the flour/"Moon dust"

Dropping astroids to make craters
 And this lead to...BIGGER craters
 And that lead to...
Two boys, in a tiny plastic bin dumping and throwing flour EVERYWHERE!

Once that was cleaned up and lunch was eaten, we made Earth and the Moon using balloons, tissue paper and watered-down glue...
Dipping tissue strips into watered-down glue

Sticking them onto Moon balloon
Almost done!

J worked on the Earth

I didn't get pictures, but we hung the balloons up in the sun.  They dried and we popped the balloon so that all we have left was a tissue paper shell.  

We have big plans for this little model of our planet, Earth and our Moon.  Keep checking in on us...It's coming soon!

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