Sunday, August 17, 2014

Learning Room Open House - Part 2

Welcome back to our Part 2 of our Open House.  I really do hope that this "sneak peek" is helping you create learning spaces within your home for your little learners, homeschoolers or not.  

My Part One explained our pocket chart calendar and storage shelf from Ikea.  Here's that link, if you miss it.  Learning Room Open House - Part 1

Since then, I've added a Listening Station with CD+books for the boys to enjoy!  

In this picture, you see J's desk area and workbox bins.  I love that it faces a window!  Who doesn't LOVE working while looking outside.  Just something about a little sunshine that makes you happier!

These desks were a gift from my fabulous in-laws.  They grabbed them at their local school garage sale.  Pretty sure if you are looking for something similar you can find them on Craigslist.

Next to his desk, I have a box that contains books we've written.  
We also have our Field Trip Journal in this bin.  They love looking at their work! 

On the wall hangs this amazing organizer from Ikea!  It actually has 2 more pockets, but I tucked those behind to make this fit on this specific wall.  This holds the boys "Just Right" books that they have been reading with me.  N's are on the right and J's are on the left...surprised I haven't labeled them!!  We refer back to these books every day, so it's great that they are visible and accessible to my lil learners.

Back at J's desk, actually inside his desk, you'll find this awesome plastic organizer that holds everything a lil writer might need.  And yes, it's from Ikea!  

And here's those flip-close lid storage bins, that I mentioned in Part 1.  They are clearly labeled and ready to go!  I can't remember where I got this cute labels...probably Pinterest.  But they fit perfectly inside each bin and I just used clear packaging tape to keep them in place.

Above our window sill full of supply boxes, you'll find J's Word Wall.  This is a great way to alphabetically organize all the words your little learners can fluently read.  He refers to this list ALL the time during writing and reading.

Working our way up, you'll find our Breakfast Menu!  
(another Blog topic that I can't wait to tell you about.)

Finally, we end up at J's Workbox cart...which is yet another blog coming soon!  If the idea of workboxes interests you, GOOGLE it, Pinterest it!  You'll find so much info on this homeschooling system.  After my Open House series, I want to share with you how we make this system work for us.
These carts are THE CHEAPEST at Sam's.  For some reason, they are almost double the price at crafting store such as JoAnns.   

On top of his cart, we have our writing station.  This holds paper, sentence strips, post-it notes for writing.  

And my favorite wall in our Learning room... 
My first "teacher frame" from my mother when I graduate college and a special Valentine from J that says..."Mommy, I love you when you do learning with me!"
Below are a few pieces of special art that I just love, for some reason...probably because of who they are from!  

Part 3 = Showing you my Mommy Message board, along with a few other spots in 
our Learning Room.  

Feel free to email or leave a comment.  Would also LOVE to see any pictures of your ideas...such inspiration!

Happy Learning with your Little Ones.  

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