Sunday, August 24, 2014

Our week for YOUR glance...

Some people have the idea that when we say "we're Homeschoolers", our kids are sitting at home, learning all day, sleeping in till 10am, NOT SOCIALIZED (yes, I was one of them about 6 years ago!)

And some are just does your day look?, how long to you teach?, when do you do laundry, cook, sleep?.

So this blog is for both types!

Here's Our week for YOUR glance;

Monday: Learn at home Day

Calendar/Daily Learning Notebooks, Breakfast, Mommy Run/Boy bike, 

Circle Time (Read-a-loud: The Meanies books) with Snack,

Reading (J&N) 
Make a Good Manners VS Bad Manners Chart
using personal pics


Naps/Writing w/ J

All Resting!  No, wait they ALL slept that day and at the same time!!!!  
(Mommy replied to emails, Mommy chores and dinner prep)

J&N Learn Through Play Activity
Sedimentary and Igneous Rock sort and measure

Play outside 
Swim with Daddy
Math with Daddy
Family Walk
Play & Goodnight

Tuesday: Morning Learning/Afternoon Fun

Calendar/Daily Learning Notebooks, Breakfast, Mommy Run/Boy bike, 

Reading with Mommy and N...while J did a quick, independent workbox.

Lesson 5 Reading Through the Alphabet Curriculum
Measuring from Mommy&Daddy's room to Mason's room using shoes

Rest and Read/Naps for lil guys
Wake up to find our Day and Nana came to visit!!!!

Wednesday - Thursday: Fun with grandparents

My inlaws are pretty awesome!  Actually, if it wasn't for them, I would have never thought of homeschooling.  They are my biggest cheerleaders (besides my own hubby)!  
Nana even stepped in and "substituted" for me while I ran some Kid-Free errands.
J and Nana wrote an entry in our Field Trip Journal about The Thinkery field trip that past Friday. And the boys practiced and performed a play we'd been reading.
But J&N did what kids do best with their g-parents...PLAYED and HAD FUN!

Friday: Field Trip! 

I usually keep Friday's open for Field Trips with other Homeschoolers!  

Morning:  We met our Grow Homeschooling Group at an indoor play gym.  While the kiddos played, the moms swapped curriculum and learning supplies.  So much fun!

Back at home: On Fridays, we have Movie Rest time.  My kids LOVE this!  MiniM still naps, but the big boys lay out sleeping bags, snack on popcorn and rest!  

Daddy's home!  
Family Walk, Dinner and Books and Bedtime


Because of family being in town for a visit, we needed to make up a few things.  And what better day to do it then on a Saturday when Daddy is home!

So we had Science Saturday!

Learned about mountain formations using clay.
Search for Pyrite using this cool clearance find from Hobby Lobby!

And of course, we went swimming and had family fun!

Sunday oh sweet Sunday:

Sunday was full of planning and prep for our upcoming vacation.
And we threw in some fun ways to learn.  Daddy pulled down some fishing poles and taught the boys about the different parts and how to use them.  Then they spent hours in the backyard catching sticks (no hooks needed!)
Kids helped us pack for our trip using simple lists I had written them.  (didn't get a picture of that!)
And Daddy created this cool station for them to use this week. 
Learning to tie a knot using fishing line.
Sweet picture!  Makes my heart smile...

If J was to attend school outside of our home, he'd be going tomorrow!!!! 
Nah...I think we'll keep him here, at home, where we are learning and doing what works best for our family...homeschooling!

And there you have it...Our week at Your glance.  
Learning happened at home, life happened along the way and lots of love was created between these little learners.

Happy Learning with your lil ones!

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