Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Not-so-happy homeschooling day

Life is real!  Today was real!  Rather than blogging tonight about our Learning Room Open House part 2 - I felt led to open up alittle bit about a crabby day, a real day!

This morning, kids were up, happy and ready to go at every morning - even on the weekends.  God Bless them!

Happy breakfast - check!
Happy Chores - check!
Happy MiniM - ummmm, BIG X!

I couldn't put my mommy finger on it!  Was it teething? ear ache? low fever from booster shots? Whatever it was, it wasn't normal.  And that makes it HARD on any mommy, especially a SAH mommy, and super-especially for a Homeschooing mommy!

I had all these wonderful things planned today - how could this be happening!

I laid MiniM down for his morning nap...ahhhhh asleep....for about 5 minutes!  Then woke up SCREAMING!!!  But in that 5 minutes, I was able to read a book about sedimentary rocks and get J&N started on a Science Experiment.

With a fussy baby on my hip, we finished that experiment.
With a fussy baby on my hip, we made lunch, ate lunch and even got an episode of Sign Time in.

About mid-day...things are looking better!  N and MiniM are down for naps. And it's Mommy and Me time for J.  We did get through a reading lesson, 2 workboxes and a writing lesson.
(And after typing this and reflecting...that's something to celebrate!)

So many times, we dwell on what went wrong rather than the small moments and quick blessings that happen during that "not so happy" day.
I'm gonna stop there!  Stop with what went wrong and tell you....

*I got to snuggle with N for 5 minutes and watch him drift into a happy sleep!

*I got to teach my 5yr old about "how REAL authors think and write" and sit beside him as he created a fabulous piece of writing!

*I got to listen to my 5 yr old talk about how Joy Cowley is the best author EVER and how he loves long vowel sounds better than short vowels.

*I got to rock a crabby baby for a solid 30 minutes, just me and him!

*I got to eat a snack (while responding to email) with my crabby baby, just me and him!

*I got to drive to a nearby park and search for our Rock Family and push 3 boys in 3 different swings in the Austin summer heat!

I got to experience 1 more day, at home, with my children.
I got to watch them grow, cry, love, play and learn!

Tomorrow is a new day!  
Tomorrow, I want to look for those small moments, those small blessings and enjoy each of them to pieces!
We have this hanging in our Living Room - maybe I should read it more often!

Happy Learning with your little learners!

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