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Learning Room Open House - Part 4

Welcome to our Learning's a happy place, full of laughter, learning and lots of love.  

Thanks for stopping by for my final Part 4  Learning Room Open House series.  

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Here is our last corner of our kitchen nook.  We use it as our Math Wall and N's calendar work.  It also holds a very! adjustable schedule in a pocket chart and a magna-doodle for writing.

You can probably tell that I am a HUGE fan of pocket charts!  They are great and can be used in so many different ways.  Here is a pocket chart on our door...  Right now, it holds a sorting activity for our Rock and Mineral study.

Below is our very! adjustable schedule.  Posting this allows the boys to see where we are and what comes next.  Something I did away with (it is was HARD to do) was time cards.  In the past, I would post what time we'd do every activity.  Not this year! because that's a perk of schooling at home.  Flexible schedule on our own time!
And keep in mind that Math happens within afternoon play and during the evening with Daddy.  This schedule ends after Read and Rest.

The 100's chart posted on the wall helps J with his Math work.  I use it as a reference throughout the day if we are talking about numbers.  N and I use it during his calendar time to track our "Days of School".  When these pictures were taken, it looks like we were on Day #72.  Once we reach 100, we are celebrating BIG time!  It will be a fun day with hundreds of cool activities.

We use WikkiSticks ALOT!  kind of like a pipe cleaner dipped in wax.
They bend and shape, stick and remove easily.
Amazon link to Wikki Sticks
This is N's magnetic board that we use to track our 100 Days of school.  We add a magnetic "unit" each day to show place value change day by day.  Once he has 10 units, he trades them in for 1 "rod" for the tens place.  I hope that makes sense...
I am so proud of the smart person that made whiteboard markers with magnets attached so they can hand on the surface that you write on.  High five for being so handy and helpful!  BTW: bought a set of these at the Dollar Tree.
Another way we track and record out 100 Days of School is this chart.  This is one of the ways I taught patterns to J and N.  I write the number, we "read" the pattern, then N colors the square for the day to complete the pattern.
If you notice at #61, our pattern changes.  Orange, Green, Brown was to we changed the pattern to blue, stripes, yellow, orange, sticker!  And of course, sticker day is a fav!

After N completes his calendar (mentioned in Part One of this series), He comes to this magnetic board to create his sentence.  He changes the day of the week and the number in the date.

At the base of this AWESOME magnetic board (which Ikea doesn't make or sell anymore!), you'll find magnetic numbers housed in an old wet-wipe container, crayons for pattern coloring and
 N's magnetic "units".

Does MiniM dump those numbers out and mess up this board!?!  YES HE DOES!!! And I fix it back up every time he does it.  He's only 1 and that's his way of learning...just wants to be learning the way his BIG brothers learn, right?

Here's a quick peek at my fridge...Just tall enough for MiniM NOT to reach, you'll find this.
The box created with laminated boarder is N's word bank.  That gray "thing" is a magnetic wand for pointing to the words when he reads them.  It stays put!
That lil car is magnetic and actually drives down and around on magnetic surfaces.  We were learning the sight word "look" and this was N's word activity.

And last but not's my area.  This poor bakers rack!!!  It's holds many purposes, literally!

I keep my supplies here.
My planning book, materials for the week and pots and pans if I decide to cook while teaching! LOL - It's been known to happen!

Below, MiniM has his own 2 learning shelves.  I rotate these learning toys once he looses interest.(except his velco name stars - still LOVES those!)

And there you have it!  So many memories are made in the kitchen nook, we call our Learning Room.

Feel free to share pictures of your lil learners learning space - Love borrowing ideas from
other Mommys.

Happy Learning with your Lil ones!

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