Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Learning Room Open House - Part 3

Welcome to our Learning's a happy place, full of laughter, learning and lots of love.  

Thanks for stopping by for my Part 3 of 4 Learning Room Open House series.  

If you missed the last two, check them out:
Part One - Pocket Chart calendar and storage
Part Two - J's desk, window word wall and workbox station

I created this new wall space just last month.  It's pretty simple.
Just some bulletin board paper,
 hot glue glued to the corners and sides of paper
(because the paper stays up, but the glue is easy to peel off and
doesn't mess up paint on walls...ole teacher trick)
then I just added some cute bulletin border to frame it.

The white board in the middle is my "Mommy Message" board and also
used for letter writing (blue painters tape)
I post a message just about every morning.  Anything from "How many times can you hug mommy today?" to "What do you want to have for dinner?"'s been a big hit and adds lots of humor.  The index card to the right is our Bible verse that we've been learning.

I've used the space above as an Art Gallery for the kids work which adds lots of color to the room.

Below, I have these alphabet letter formation sheets in a grab and go folder.  If someone needs help on a letter formation, I grab this, thumb through it to find the letter we need 
(yes, they are in alphabetical order) and hand it over.
This GREAT resource was printed from Confessions of a Homeschoolers Blog.

Now on to N's desk...well, he isn't a sitter, he's a stander/wiggler when he learns, so we've turned his desk into the piano table.  He mainly uses the Ikea storage shelf by his calendar mentioned in Part 1
This is a fun canister - "Gum-ball for Good Work!"  Self explanatory, right?
I actually HAD a antique gum-ball machine for earning "gum-balls for good work" but that needed to be removed due to our Littlest Learners multiple attempts to climb it!

 If you peek inside this desk, you'll find our KIDS KEYBOARD.  It's made by Crayola and is a Mommy Must Buy!  Just plugs into the USB port on any LOVE it!
Here's the Amazon link:

Since we are learning on the floor 90% of the time, I like to have learning tools there ready to go!  I have this orange Reading Strategy chart to refer to when we are reading on the floor, the abacus for all little learners to use or explore with AND...
These fun pointers!!!
You can find these cute wooden characters at Micheals craft stores, add a FREE paint stick from Home Depot, a round magnet and you got yourself a pointer!

I hope you enjoyed this quick run through our Learning Room...
Stop in next week for our final post in this series.  I'll show you are Math Wall, my planning area/bakers rack and my Homeschooling closet.

Happy Learning with your Little ones!

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