Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Play Dough, Snakes and a new Word! Oh MY!!!

If you want your Lil Learner to do it right...then you HAVE to show them EXACTLY how you want it done!  YOU have to model and talk out loud to them what you are expecting and 
HOW you go about doing this certain task.
Maybe it's unloading a dishwasher or even brushing teeth.

Keep this in mind:
"I DO" - parent models 
"We do" - child/parent do it together
"You do" - parent releases task for child to do independently

99.9% of the time, if your little learner DOESN'T get it - you didn't explain it well enough for them to try it again before frustration sets in!

Here's how I "talked" my way through making playdough snakes with N.  Yes, we've done this before, but I needed to make sure he understood this very important step in order for the next step of my lesson to be successful.

Once, we had our "snakes", we began his letter formation for his new word "at".  He had previously read his Aa Book (curriculum from that exposed him to this word.

Another simple, quick, hands-on lesson and learning for a little learner!

How do you use play dough with your little learners? 
I would love to hear your ideas!  Feel free to share them below in the comment section or on our Mommy's Little Learners Facebook page

Happy Learning with your Little Ones!

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