Monday, September 15, 2014

Post Vaca Emot-i-blog

I hope the post title explains the meaning and purpose behind this blog....this post idea has been on my heart the second I stepped on our plane to fly back from Colorful Colorado to The Lone Start State of Texas.

Life after vacation is tough, for anyone!  It's back to the ole grind!  Luckily, I don't have to rush as much as a mom that works away from blessed for that.  But I did have to get back in gear for planning lessons for the boys, prepping for a Homeschooling workshop, checking email and sending out reminders for our Lego Club, unpacking and doing laundry, planning meals and so on....

Back to life and the hustle of it all.

For 1 week, our lives were simple, easy and relaxed while we enjoyed God's beauty up at the cabin in Colorado.  And in ALL favorite part was...there is ZERO internet access!  Yes, I could walk to the top of the hill by our cabin and "search for a signal" or drive into town just to check my email...but WHY?  Why can't we just get away from these amazing pieces of technology just to enjoy our family?  It's hard!  It's a struggle!  But why?

Mommy Confession!!!
Since MiniM was born, I always had my IPhone by my side while I nursed him.  (I sound old when I say "we didn't have those things when J & N were nursing"  But it's true!  I used this time when they were babies to relax, close my eyes and enjoy that sweet moment.)
But once I discovered what I could accomplish in 15 minutes using my phone (check email, Facebook, and Pinterest), it became a habit.  However during our vacation, no internet meant no need for that IPhone while nursing.  I looked down at him and thought "Boy, have I missed alot during this sweet moment between a baby and mother."
Now, I leave my phone out of the room and enjoy those 20 sweet minutes of time with him...because it will soon be over.

While at the cabin, I found a letter that my Mema had written to her Mom and Dad back in
1950-something.  Her words were beautiful and simple (just like her).  She spoke of the kids (all 5 of them) were in the bunk room reading funny books while she fixed a delicious meal.  No Ipads, no cell phones/or even home phone...just FAMILY and memories!  She was good at that...keeping life simple and fun!

The night before we left, the electricity went out but came back on around midnight.  We had NOTHING but each other for a solid 3 hours.  So Jer and I sat outside, watched the boys play, held hands and talked until the sun went down over those mountains.  We all went to sleep in silence - no TV, no lights, just the sweet sound of pure silence!  What a way to end this trip.

I don't know if I'm just getting old and wiser:0) - but I've reflected more after this vacation than ever.  Probably something to do with kids growing up, right?

So, I'm challenging myself to "unplug" on Saturdays and spend more time with my boys and my husband.  No blogging, no texts, no online shopping, no Facebook, no homeschool planning - just good ole' family time.

These boys are growing up so FAST - and I don't wanna miss a moment.  Computers, emails, Facebook post and all that jazz will remain...lil learners running around in their undies with lazer guns wont.

If you feel compelled to jump on board with me - HIGH FIVE!  And please "share" this and let's start a crazy movement of Moms disconnecting with life and connecting with family!
Simplify life, enjoy each moment and cherish the ones you love.

God Bless and Happy Learning with your Lil Ones!

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