Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 7th Curriculum Class Photo Blog

So much fun with Moms and their Little Learners!  

Enjoy this photo Blog:
Flyer for the event

One of the stations was Feather Painting on Windows!

Thematic Study - Caterpillars - which include LOTS of my own kiddos work from that past few weeks.

Chalk and Q-tip writing - Just add water makes it MAGICAL!

Little Learner adding her name

Lady Bug Sticker Patterns!  J was THE BEST assistant any mom or teacher could ever ask for!

Feathers, a Fan and some Birdseed

Feather Painting Artists

"Head, Thorax, Abdomen" Song before our Show And Tell Session


BIG voice, little learner

This little learner collected lighting bugs to share!

This little learner brought a great magazine about Butterflies to share!

And WE finished our morning with a special lunch date - just me and my J!  Love him and his GIANT heart!

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