Monday, May 4, 2015

A Peek inside our Day (from the other day)

Many of you enjoy seeing how we get things done around here with a 6, 4, and 21 month old!  So I try to document as much as I can to show you just that!

Keep in mind that everyday DOESN'T look this lovely!  Today was a great day - and tomorrow will look differently!  But I try to maintain a structured schedule almost everyday because my kids (and most kids that I've worked with) work, play and function best when they know what's going to happen next.

So here's a Peek inside our Day!

1:00 am - 6 year old wakes up Mommy because of the scary thunderstorm; Mommy tucks him back in his bed and gives him extra love to assure him that it's OK!

4:30 am - 4year old wakes up Mommy because of a wet bed; 4 year old snuggles up with Mommy and Daddy.

7am - Mommy's Alarm goes off - UGH! And I'm up, fixing coffee and enjoying my devotional and some quiet time.
**This is something that I started doing about 6 months ago; rather than my kids waking me up.  I NEED time to wake up.  I NEED to pray and ask God to bless our day.  I NEED a cup of silence!**

7:30am - Walk up stairs to get MiniM out of bed; J was still sleeping; Nix emerges from our room since Daddy was up.

8am - Breakfast for all while they watch TV Breakfast Menu Post - MUST READ!

9am - Brush teeth, make beds

9:30am - Calendar with MiniM and N; J has a list of "Morning Must-Do's" for each day of the week.  For today, he needed to practice his keyboarding but asked if he could respond to his email instead.  And he also needed to do his online Khan Academy for Math.

What kiddo wouldn't want to learn in a superhero costume!?

10am - Mommy's turned to exercise!  Two in Stroller = great workout! while J rides his bike.  I run/he bikes to our nearby park...

10:30 - "Making Words" Lesson at the playground with J while N plays with MiniM - then they switch!  N reads with me, while J plays with MiniM.  

11:15am - Home for lunch outside.  Most of the time, I do a read-a-loud while they eat.

11:30am - FREE PLAY!

12:00pm - Mommy reads with MiniM while N & J enjoy books and some classical music.

12:30pm - REST TIME FOR ALL!  Mommy checks email, picks up and packs snacks for park

1:15pm - wake everyone and jump in the car

1:30 pm - Park playdate

3:30 pm Lego Lab at our Local Library

4:30 pm - Home for Dinner Prep/J plays outside/N plays games on the IPAD

5pm - Dinner

5:30pm - Family walk

6:00pm - Play 

7:00pm - Showers and watch Planet Earth/Caves on Netflix (which is AWESOME by the way!)

7:30 pm - Read with Mommy/brush teeth/prayers



And there you have it!  Not much "down time" for this Momma today - but I'll take a FUN busy day of learning and playing over a few Bon-Bon's on the couch while watching Oprah! 

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