Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Our rainy day fun

It's going to rain - ALL DAY LONG!  So we can either be fussy about this situation or seize the opportunity to get going on some learning!

And I bet you know what this homeschooling momma did today!  (and probably again tomorrow since the forecast is the same)

So you've peeked inside our day when all is good and all are happy.  
Here are a few oldie, but goodie posts on that: October 3, 2014 , May 4, 2015

You've peeked inside our day when it's a no-good, very bad day .

And now I'm going to let you peek inside our rainy day!

7:30am - J & N are up!
8am - Breakfast is served
8:30am - start our day with brushing teeth, making beds and morning routines
*Ni - calendar and his Daily Learning Notebook
*J- Khan Academy
*M- still asleep!

9am - M wakes up and eats breakfast; J&N join me in a Making Words

**When we can't go outside, I open up the blinds and use windows for our desks for the day**

9:10am - N built a few words, then I let him go off and play while J and I finished up the lesson.
9:15am - Karaoke on YouTube - you can create a playlist on YouTube of any songs.  I have titled one Karaoke.  Try it...go to YouTube.  Search for ANY song and attach "Karaoke" at the end.  You'll be amazed!

The boys sang/read/danced until I finished up some laundry and cleaned up dishes from breakfast.  They also free-played in the background. 

10am - Loaded up and headed to the Toybrary Austin for a karate class

10:15-11:15am - Played at the Toybrary and learned some kung-fu karate kicks

11:30am - Play while Mom fixes lunch; J offered to help
11:45am - I quiz J on our Making Words lesson and he CLEARLY didn't get it.  So I retaught it, he relearned it.

12pm - Lunch while watching http://artforkidshub.com/ video that we'll be using after rest time

12:30pm - clean up and free-play
12:45pm - Mommy and MiniM read; down for nap
1pm - start movie for N while J was forced to rest for 30 minutes alone!  We needed a break from each other:0)

1:30pm - J joins N for a movie and they draw also.

2:30pm - quick snack and set up for paint lesson before MiniM awakes.  I MADE sure to do this activity while he was napping.  My purpose for this art lesson was following directions (while learning some coloring mixing, shapes and art skills).  It's hard to do any of those when a 22 month old is running around.  

J's woodpecker is on the left, N's in the middle and mine on the right

Here's the specific link for this art project: http://artforkidshub.com/how-to-paint-a-woodpecker-for-young-artists/

3:00pm - start another movie (yes!  It's still raining); J earned some tablet time
3:30pm - MiniM is up and we all have a snack
4pm - Quick writing lesson with J.  He drew me a picture of Fix-It, which is a Transformer.  I told him I knew NOTHING about how cool this Transformer was.  So I had him write 3 cool facts/sentences about Fix-it.  
**This is my secret plan that will eventually lead to a Transformer book!**
4:30pm - Daddy home early; I start dinner
5pm - Dinner
5:30pm - Rain has stopped; family walk and boys bike through muddy puddles!  AND LOOK WHAT WE FOUND!!!

A 14 inch WORM!!!!  

6:30pm - Shower
7pm - Play
7:30pm - Read My Father's Dragon 
7:45pm- Brush teeth, prayers and goodnight kisses

8pm - I walked downstairs and saw this...

"At home is where we have fun, learn lots and always do our BEST!"

And it might just stay there for a LONG while as a great reminder!

Happy Rainy Day!  
Would love to hear about YOUR successful rainy day fun!  

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