Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fun with Food Fridays!

Gosh!  I really don't think I have ever blogged about this one.
Fun with Food Friday's have been going on for a LONG time!

It goes WAY back to when I taught first grade with 2 amazing teachers, Mrs. Bozeman and Mrs. Sollmann!  And yep...we'd cook every Friday with our 1st grade classrooms.

So I took that experience and applied it into my homeschooling week.  When we aren't on Friday field trips with our friends, we are at home cooking for fun!

Just think of all that these little learners are getting...Reading a recipe, measurement for Math, team work, listening, food I need to go on?!

We always start with a recipe.  This is the recipe for Smore Snowman.

And then we cook!
Here's Smore Snowmen for the month of January...

Here's our penguins from February.

Here's our green eggs from March.

And our caterpillar made from cupcakes for this month.
This kept MiniM busy while we mixed up with batter. 

All these recipes will go in our Recipe Book - just like I gave my 1st graders when they walked out my door their last day of class.  

You don't have to make anything fancy and it really doesn't have to planned!  Like this day:

The day the boys said "Let's make fruit salad!" 

So have fun with your Little Learners in the kitchen!  They can cook with you and learn so much at the same time!

Happy Learner with your Little ones!

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