Sunday, April 12, 2015

Homegrown Preschooler Curriculum Class - Photo Blog

Last Thursday, I hosted a curriculum class for Mommy's and the Little Learners using The Homegrown Preschooler's lessons.

Just wanted to share a quick photo blog with ya!  Enjoy.

I set up a station outside on the sidewalk.  It was fun to see kids reading and doing whatever as they came inside for the class!

Here's a simple listening came we played using a cup and a "Fuzzy Ball"

Fine Motor - Attaching popsicle sticks with double sided tape, then making a "rub" using markers.

Here's our littlest learner of the day enjoying the Cupcake Sensory table using Cloud Dough and Color Rice.  When you mix these 2 together it looks JUST like confetti cake mix.  Good enough to eat!

Another station was Bot Building using magnets and dice.  Such a proud kiddo!

Making a homemade bubble solution - first water.
Then Corn Syrup!  

Then dish soap!  Look at those faces!

 Here's the info for the next class!  


  1. Awesome job! Looks like it went off without a hitch!

    1. Thanks Val! may need a "coaching" session soon!

  2. It was a blast! Great shots, by the way. ;)

    1. Best pic is of P hugging me:0) See yall Thursday!

  3. I just borrowed the curriculum from a friend and I love it! I plan on purchasing. What do you do for the summer, though? June, July, and August aren't included.

  4. Elizabeth:0) So excited that you are planning to purchase this amazing curriculum! We just supplement during the summer months usually doing thematic units based around summer holidays. LOTS of water play (of course because of the heat) and trips to the air conditioned libraries around town.
    Hope this helps! Happy Learning with your little one.

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