Tuesday, April 21, 2015

These few days with only one...

When your kiddos don't go to "school away from home" - I don't ever get that moment every day when they run into my arms after being away all day.  We don't get to really miss each other.  I don't get just ONE kid during the day while the others are away at school.

And when you are the baby of the family, you hardly EVER get Mommy all to yourself for a few days...but MiniM and I got just that a few weeks ago!

The inlaws had come down with their camper to take J & N on a mini-vacation.  Which left me with only 1!!!!!  ONLY ONE KID!

So we...
painted in the bathtub and used squirt bottles to clean up!

We made colored rice one night and I learned that he COULD say the word "Yellow!"

We stacked paper town rolls for a good 30 minutes and would knock them down ... Then do it all over again!
We pulled down the old microwave and replaced it with our new one.  And HE got to play with it and still does!

And the most precious moment was when he called out for me in a SCREAMING cry during his nap just so I would come and swoop him in my arms and lay down with him "in the big bed".  

And he was about this old when we last napped...just he and I!

These few days ...
Made me wish that when I just had J, I would have relaxed more.  But that's impossible when you have your first.

These few days with just one...
Made me want to commit to more days, more grocery store trips with JUST Mommy.

The few days away from my other 2...
Made me realize just how blessed I truly am and how awesome it feels to hear someone whisper in your ear after a night away from you...
"I missed you Mommy!"

We don't get time apart now and that's just ok!

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