Wednesday, April 8, 2015

No good, very bad day! You asked for it.

I could tell the second they started "playing quietly" in their room at 7:15am.

The nastiness filled the room with crabby sounds of brotherly yells!  

"NO!  You can't see this Lego set!"

"Mommmmmmm He just told me to "Cut it out!"" (Which makes my blood boil!)

I read a quick devotion,  Psalm 28:7 for strength, guzzled my last bit of coffee and stomped upstairs.

And this was just the beginning!!!

That morning, we were headed over to the library for our Reader's Theater class.  So I spent the morning gathering up materials while the kids ate breakfast and watch a good 45 minutes of Ninjago.  

By 10am - I had given a few threats and a few hugs.  FINALLY, we were loaded up and headed out for the walk to our class at the library.  

I needed help setting up the room before our class and got some "Hummmf" and whines from both big helpers.  But we got it done and I made sure to give them a high-five for their help.

N has a hard time when I'm the teacher to other kiddos - and today he was at his yuckiest!  Bless him.  I heard him 2 times tell me "Mommy, I just wanna go home and learn!"  

And just how do I leave 30+ kiddos and their moms to just "go home".  I was frustrated, he was frustrated.  

But we made it through our class, skipped out on a park picnic (which was hard to say no to because of the weather and a chance to hang with friends)

We walked home, me hearing more whines and "Hummf"s.   And my heart was burning with frustration!  I had the kids that were complaining about everything.  I had the kids that weren't following directions in the library.  I had THOSE kids today!  Oh this No GooD, very bad Day!

1:00pm was nap time!!!  And silence was all throughout the house.  

Before I knew it, J was up (claiming he need to go #2), MiniM woke up screaming after 30 minutes and N ended up peeing in OUR bed (totally forgot to slip a pull-up on him)

So I turned on...yep...another episode of Ninjago!  Started some bed linens in the wash, rocked a sleepy baby, and just sat wondering what could I do to make this day better...
I decided on outside snacks and bubbles!  Bubbles makes everyone happy, right?

"One episode and we are going to outside for snacks and playtime...Yes Maam?"  
And I got an arm crossed "ugggg" from the 4 year old!  

So he got sent back to him room while J, MiniM and I whipped up some bubbles solution outside.  

N joined us later for some watermelon...

And we were all getting back to our happy-hearted- selves.  

As I reflected on the day, I noticed a few things.  My boys have a hard time sharing me and I need to embrace that in this season of life. So maybe next time I host a homeschooling class where I'm "the teacher", I sit down and have heart-to-hearts with them all.  Telling them what I expect.  

We have been rock'n such a good, fun schedule lately!  And today was a different schedule - so maybe next time, I need to prepare them for that alittle better.  Letting them know that we are learning in a different way today.

Also, everyone has bad days.  It's just going to happen!  And as Moms we HAVE to allow ourselves a "dose of grace" each day, but especially on no good, very bad days! (Right Val?)

And the last thing - we ended out day outside with love, laughter, a water hose, and some watermelon.

I wanna bet that 99.9% of the time we've had a nasty moment, session, or morning...we head outside for a walk or to play.  Maybe head to a near-by park.  Or maybe its a blanket and a book under a tree while Mommy takes a shower.  But it's out in the sunshine...out where kids NEED to be!  

Nature feels refreshing and gives ALL of us a chance to reset.  So try it!  Rain or shine, snow or sleet - just alittle bit of outside is all a little learner (and their mommy) might need on a No Good, Very Bad but BLESSED day!

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  1. Ashley, this is such a precious post. I love it because it's real, and also because it reminds me that days that start off hard don't have to stay hard. Good job Mama!


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